Red Vein & Vascular Blemish Removal

Red Vein Removal by ThermaVein

ThermaVein is a registered, FDA cleared class 2A surgical device. It provides safe, fast and effective treatment for the removal of red thread veins, medically known as telangiectasia and other vascular blemishes from across the body.


The ten benefits of ThermaVein!

Safe, instant & effective

Permanent results

15 minute treatment time

Anywhere on the body

For men and women

A safe alternative to IPL and laser

Eliminates common side effects associated with other treatments

No bruising or scarring

No loss of pigmentation

Cost effective with just one or two treatments

ThermaVein is clinically indicated to treat:


                  * Thread veins on the face, also known as broken capillaries


        * Spider Naevi - A dilated capillary with a usually round body and smaller 'legs' radiating out from the centre


         * Cherry Angiomas, also known as blood spots -of unknown cause, common on the torso and areas where skin has expanded. When large these harmless spots are called Campbell de Morgans


        * Milia - small, hard white lumps containing keratin common in dry areas such as around the eyes and the upper cheeks


        * Skin Tags - harmless growths of skin common in areas of friction


* Red and purple veins on the ankles and legs (not green/blue in colour)





up to 5 minute treatment time - £40.00

10 minutes - £70.00

15 minutes - £95.00

(price is adjusted where treatment time falls between the above)


How does ThermaVein work?

ThermaVein uses a thermocoagulation process to remove a number of vascular blemishes.  A sterile insulated probe with a 4Mhz current is applied to the skin causing the vein to empty. Thermavein then creates a seal by gently heating the vein wall, allowing the body to naturally reabsorb the vein.      


The low current ensures the blood does not coagulate making it a very safe and sought after walk-in walk-out treatment.


The treatment is instant, effective and permanent.


What can I expect?

ThermaVein   treatment is relatively quick with sessions lasting a maximum of 15 minutes.  You will be invited for a free, no obligation consultation at which point we will discuss how Thermavein can help you. We will also cover your medical history and medication and ensure there are no contra-indications. Importantly, we will also discuss what you can realistically expect from the treatment.


Once skin has been cleaned the needle is applied to the area with a small amount of pressure. A pulse of energy is then sent to the targeted area. Most people liken the sensation to a hair being pulled or lower in terms of tolerance. When treating sensitive areas such as just inside the nostril/upper lip there may be a little eye watering which is more a physical reaction due to stimulation of nerve endings rather than actual pain. 


You can expect the surrounding skin to be pink after, this is perfectly normal and can (but not for all) last for up to four weeks. It is therefore important to consider when to have your treatment especially if any social events or a holiday are imminent.  Aloe vera gel is used to cool and soothe the treated area and you may wish to purchase some to use at home in the days following your treatment. Aftercare will be discussed with you and a written copy supplied. A follow-up appointment will be offered at 4-6 weeks.


Is ThermaVein suitable for me?

Due to the use of an electrical current there are some contra-indications. These are:

* Infectious skin conditions


*Those fitted with a pacemaker


*Anti-coagulants or anti-platelet medication

* Have fake tan on the skin - please remove it (so I can see!)