Dermaplaning is a relatively new treatment which has become increasingly popular due to having a number of aesthetic benefits to the skin. A surgical grade scalpel is used to gently scrape the skin removing all vellus hair (commonly known as "peach fuzz") from the face. The action of the blade also removes the upper layer of dead skin cells so giving the perfect exfoliation. This process helps to reveal smoother and brighter skin, giving the complexion a refreshed and rejuvenated appearance.


Dermaplaning also has hidden benefits! Once the fine vellus hairs and dead cells have been removed skin resembles a polished canvas so allowing make-up to to glide on evenly without getting caught on the fine fuzz. The treatment also allows topical skin care products to penetrate more effectively so permitting better absorption of key ingredients.


There are some cautions and contraindications to dermaplaning which will be checked when you book.


Some active skin care ingredients such as lactic acid, glycolic acid and vitamin A/retinol/vitamin C cannot be used for 2-3 days post treatment (depending on their strength), for this reason your skin care regime will be discussed and some modifications suggested. 


Dermaplaning is the ideal treatment choice for exfoliation combined with peach fuzz hair removal, it is a popular choice for brides and before a special occasion.


You might have heard that dermaplaning can cause breakouts. This can occur when using a 'DIY' blade at home or when skin is not prepped adequately. A sterile blade is used for each client, skin is prepared accordingly and aftercare must be followed to ensure spot free skin!


Dermaplaning is not suitable for:


* Acne


* Congested and problematic skin/oily skin


* Highly sensitive skin


* Dermatitis and Rosacea or infections including cold sores


* Darker/excess hair due to a medical condition such as polysystic ovaries


* Following recent aesthetic treatments - botox, fillers, peels (please ask)


*Allergy to nickel (blade)




Dermaplaning Facial Treatment - £45.00 (60 min)

 Includes a full cleanse followed by a number of steps designed specifically to prepare the skin for the scalpel! Once the dermaplaning is complete a hydrating, calming moisturiser and a clinical grade SPF 50 are applied to the skin.


Dermaplaning with that little bit extra....

You can add a beautifully scented calming rose masque with an optional head or hand and arm massage for an additional £10.00 (75 min)