CACI Skinbreeze

If you have had a CACI facial before then you will know this brand needs no introduction... famous for their microcurrent technology CACI have since developed a multi-functional skin rejuventation system - SkinBreeze!


The SkinBreeze system provides a wide range of results driven treatments utilising 5 different technologies to dramatically improve the skins condition. Treatment timings vary from 15 (for a specific area such as the eyes) to 90 minutes for a full facial including the face, neck and decollete.


The SkinBreeze Treatment Menu


SkinBreeze 90 for Ultimate Rejuvenation  - to help combat the classic signs of ageing of the face and neck. This comprehensive facial targets lines and wrinkles, texture and tone, any blemishes and under eye dark circles using all the technologies listed below. This treatment also includes the beautifully scented rose scented mask and massage to the decollete and face (90 min-£75.00)


SkinBreeze 60 for Complete Rejuvenation - This is a 60 minute version of the above without the mask and massage. Great to focus on main concerns if the pampering element is not for you or time is of the essence! (60 min - £50.00)


Acne and Blemishes - Tackles problematic skin by stimulating tissue healing, neutralising bacteria and calming inflammation and redness

(30 min - £30.00). 


Stretch Marks & Scar Tissue - Refines and softens the appearance of stretch marks and scars by nourishing the skin and stimulating tissue repair and healing (20 min-£25.00). Also consider microneedling for ultimate results.


Lip Line Booster - Softens the appearance of lines along the upper lip, commonly refered to as 'smokers lines'. Plumps and hydrates the skin tissue (20 min -£25.00)


Under Eye Brightening - An intensive treatment for the eye area designed to soften lines, reduce dark circles, eye bags and under eye puffiness (45 min-£40.00)


Eye Lift - An effective treatment designed to lift and tighten the skin around the eye area (15 min-£20.00)


Jowl Contouring - Helps to firm sagging jowls, redefine and sculpt the jawline (15 min-£20.00). If this is a key concern we can combine with radio frequency for skin tightening.


There are some cautions and contraindications to the Skinbreeze system which will be checked when you book.


Some active skin care ingredients such as lactic acid, glycolic acid and vitamin A/retinol/vitamin C cannot be used for 2-3 days post treatment (depending on their strength), for this reason your skin care regime will be discussed and some modifications suggested. 


Before and After Treatment



Skinbreeze uses the following technology:

Orbital Microdermabrasion - a unique crystal-free treatment offering precise controlled exfoliation to dimish fine lines and imperfections to achieve a smoother and brighter complexion. This is combined with -


LED Light Therapy - utilising the therapeutic properties of red and/or blue light to boost collagen, enhance cell metabolism, calm the skin, neutralise bacteria and reduce inflammation in order to help tackle acne, blemishes and scar tissue.


High Frequency and Ozone Therapy - the combination of thermal energy and oxygen enriched ozone have a dual effect on the skin. Thermal energy has an instant tightening effect on the skin as the heat stimulates elastin and collagen fibres to contract while ozone has a purifying, anti-bacterial effect so helping to heal blemishes and acne.


O2 Infusion - delivers bursts of air to drive specifically formulated Skinbreeze serums deep down into the skin to enhance the effectiveness of their active ingredients.


O2 Spray - The finishing touch! A fine mist to gently refresh, calm and intensively hydrate the skin.


The Award Winning CACI Hydro Mask!

 The transparent gel mask is infused with rose water, hyaluronic acid and collagen, designed to deliver intense hydration. The cooling, soothing effect helps reduce any redness whilst its plumping and smoothing properties help reduce the appearnce of fine lines and wrinkles. 


The 90 minute ultimate rejuvenation facial above includes the mask. Once positioned on the face a massaging tool combined with LED light is then rotated over the mask. A massage to the decollete and shoulders is also included.


You are welcome to purchase a Hydro mask for home use at £6.00