Ear Piercing

ear piercing

Caflon Ear Piercing

The Caflon ear piercing system is the leading brand used by salons in the UK. It is safe, hypoallergenic and sterile.

£33.00 (20-30 mins) - Includes earrings and aftercare solution.

The minimum age for piercing is 8 years. Those aged 16 and under must be accompanied by an adult. 

A wide choice of earrings are available, set in either 24ct gold or silver look (rhodium plated stainless steel). I also stock titanium which is recommended for those who are very sensitive or who have been unable to tolerate other metals against the skin (there is an additional £3 charge for titanium earrings). This intolerance is commonly due to nickel.

Please note ears are pierced with the stud itself which is fired through the lobe with a piercing gun, not a needle. Although not painful piercing is a little uncomfortable! You can purchase a topical anaesthetic cream such as Emla or LMX4 (5% Lidocaine) without prescription, this needs to be applied approximtely 30-45 minutes before your appointment. Once applied it is advisable to cover the skin with cling film, this will aid the development of the anaesthetic. Please note this will not numb the area fully but it will help in easing discomfort. You can purchase a small tube from myself (£5) or you can buy from Superdrug (I'm told Boots are no longer selling over the counter) or you can order on line. This is advisable for younger (age 10 and under) clients.

Please bring a hair band to tie hair back if it is long.

I am qualified and insured to pierce the lobe only. I have been piercing ears for 13 years now and have be-jewelled hundreds of ears!

Please don't hesitate to call if you have further questions.

The Beauty Suite is licensed by the local authority for this service.

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