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Advanced Electrolysis - Skin Blemish Removal


This specialist treatment uses an advanced electrolysis technique to safely and effectively remove minor red veins and skin blemishes.


Electrolysis uses an electrical current (diathermy) which produces heat, this is then used to remove or cauterise the blemish.


Electrolysis has been used for almost a century in medicine and more recently in aesthetics and remains the gold standard for blemish removal due to its comfort, safety and effectiveness. 


The Beauty Suite is approved and licensed by the Environmental Health department of the Local Authority for this treatment.



Advanced Electrolysis offers the ideal treatment for:



*Facial Thread Veins - as found on the cheeks and around the nose.


   *Spider Naevus - a central dilated capillary with smaller capillaries like the legs of a spider.


*Cherry Angiomas/Campbell de Morgans (Blood Spots) - a bright red circular vasular blemish commonly found on the midriff and torso but can occur anywhere on the body.


*Skin Tags - harmless growths of skin common in areas of friction.


*Milia - small, hard, white lumps containing keratin common in dry areas such as around the eyes and the upper cheeks.


*Seborrhoeic Keratosis - also known as liver or age spots and are very common as we age. 


*Syringoma and Xanthelasma Palpebrarum - Syringomas are harmless growths found in sweat ducts and are commonly found in clusters near the eyes but can be found elsewhere. Xanthelasma are yellow fatty deposits usually found on the eyelids.


Electrolysis can be a little uncomfortable but does not usually require any anaethetic cream. However, for larger blemishes, and certainly those around the eyes, nose or lips this is advisable.


Certain blemishes might require more than one treatment to achieve the desired result. 


A full consultation will be carried out with you which will include what results you can realistically expect. For example red veins often need a number of treatments and electrolysis is not suitable where there are a large number of veins that cover, for example the whole cheek.


 If you are happy to, please send me a photograph of the blemish.



Electrolysis is not suitable for everyone due to the use of an electrical current.  Definite contraindications include:


1. Those fitted with a pacemaker

2. Those who have an internal auditory device (hearing aid)

3. Epilepsy


4. Haemophilia

5. Keloid scarring (abnormal healing post injury)

6. Pregnancy


There are some 'restrictive' conditions which will be covered during your consultation.


Aftercare :


1. Skin can be a little red afterward and for this reason you might want to consider the timing of your treatment. This is perfectly normal and will  subside within 24 hours. You will be given a little pot of aloe vera gel to use at home post treatment, or you are welcome to buy some in preparation.


2. The treated area will form little crusts within 2-3 days of treatment. These should not be picked but allowed to slough off naturally.


3. By day 5-7 the little crusts should have disappeared, a SPF 30 should now be applied to prevent hyper-pigmentation.


4. Make-up, unless a pure mineral brand should not be applied until the area is fully healed.


5. One is also advised to avoid steam and any heat treatments, sun beds or sunbathing during the healing time.


6. Vitamin C taken as a supplement aids healing and the use of a SPF (30 as a minimum) is always advisable.



Aftercare will be discussed with you and a written copy provided.



Pricing :


Treatment of one small blemish (eg. milia, blood spot) - £15.oo. One large blemish and all skin tags - £20.00


Treatment by time (for red veins and more than one blemish) - 10 mins £30.00, 15/20 mins £45.00, 30 mins £55.00


Addition of LMX 4 anaesthetic cream tube - £5 (to collect beforehand)



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