Choosing Your Facial


Choosing the right facial can be a little daunting to say the least! Salons and clinics now offer an abundance of different technologies and treatments, many now combining different steps so giving the ultimate facial experience.


I offer a range of facial treatments designed to target a series of skincare concerns. I only use systems and products which have been subject to clinical trials and proven to produce a significant change to your skin (and yes, this can take time), not because it has been endorsed by a celebrity or appeared on Tik Tok a million times. I do not follow trends, I follow the science. You have one skin, it is our largest organ and has many important functions. It deserves (and needs!) to be looked after.


You may have a certain facial in mind but if you are unsure what would be best then please do enquire using the e-mail contact form or call/text me. I like to begin our consultation at this point and will gather some preliminary information from you which will guide our course of action.


Depending on your skins presentation I often mix and match from the below (with the exception of microneedling, for this we stick to the protocol!), giving you not only a bespoke experience but optimising treatment options to give the best results possible.



Here is a brief summary of the facial treatments I offer:


Microneedling - An aesthetic treatment using sterile needles to induce the skins natural wound healing response. Not a facial as such, this treatment has amazing benefits for a range of skin concerns. It is therefore not limited to just the face. There is much evidence to support its methodology. The pioneer of microneedling, Dr Fernandes, is also the dermatologist behind award winning skincare line Environ.


Environ - The gold standard! A medical skin care line based on the use of Vitamin A (the holy grail of beautiful skin) amongst other key ingredients. Their facials are unique in using both electrical current (galvanic) and sound waves (sonophoresis) to drive active serums into the deeper layers of the skin. Environ also offer a range of gentle peels. Environ targets all skin care concerns including Rosacea.


Caci Skinbreeze - This new facial uses a number of different technologies for total skin rejuvenation. Suited to most skin types as specific serums are chosen to target your skin concerns. This treatment sits nicely between Environ (clinical grade) and the facials below as it also has a pampering element with a beautifully scented rose mask and massage. This facial has it all!


Radio Frequency - For skin firming and tightening. This treatment is all about boosting new collagen production as well as optimising the functions of existing collagen.


Microdermabrasion - Primarily for exfoliation so great for congested skin (good for teenage skin under hormonal influence), oily skins, enlarged pores and skin in need of refining. Not for sensitive or inflamed skins.


Dermaplaning - For total exfoliation and vellus hair ('peach fuzz') removal. For smooth, smooth skin!  Also recomended for special occasion make-up.


Spa Inspired Facials - For pure relaxation and some time out. Full of heavenly massage and beautiful scents. Popular as gifts.


The Beauty Suite



A little more about Environ......

"I wanted to make something that would help skin to actually be better, not merely feel or appear better. That is why Vitamin A is so remarkable because it works on the DNA of the skin cells, and skin needs Vitamin A all the time. The longer people use it the healthier their skin will look."     Dr Des Fernandes - pioneer and founder of Environ skincare.


To date Vitamin A, in its various forms (from retinyl palmitate to retinol) is the only ingredient clinically proven to reverse the signs of skin damage to include fine lines and wrinkles, uneven texture, pigmentation and scarring.


In addition to vitamin A other key ingredients in the Environ range include vitamins C and E, peptides, hyaluronic acid, lactic and salicylic acids and a brigade of powerful antioxidants. All have the ability to rehabilitate and normalise the skin.


Environ houses an extensive range of products designed to treat different skin types and concerns from ageing to acne, sensitive, reactive skins to normal skins. Environ has a medical background and has been subject to clinical trials, for this reason Environ is only available through approved skincare clinics.


Optimum results will be seen when regular facials are combined with a prescribed home care regime which uses a step up approach to slowly increase the levels of Vitamin A into the skin.