Facial Hair Removal


Threading is an ancient method of hair removal originating in the Middle East. Cotton is twisted and then rolled over areas of unwanted hair. Threading is a little uncomfortable but is favoured by many over waxing as it is considered to be kinder to the skin.

Threading is advised if you cannot tolerate waxing, use alpha-hydroxy acids as part of your skin care regime, are diabetic or on certain medication. However, you may just prefer it to waxing!

Threading is a technique used on the face.


Spring 2024 - Due to demand I am unable to take any new clients for threading, my apologies.


I use both warm/creme wax (with paper strips on the face as it does not 'stick' plus a talc preparation to help prevent reddening) as well as hot wax depending upon the type of hair to be removed.

For the face I use a roller system with a warm honey wax, the fine roller allows precise application of the wax making it perfect for eyebrows and the upper lip.

If you prefer hot wax for your brows however that is not a problem - please let me know on booking.

I use Perron Rigot hot wax, a French brand of exceptional quality renowned for its comfort and efficiency.



Brows - £12.00 (to include tweezering to achieve desired shape)

Upper Lip - £9.00

Lip and Chin - £14.00

Cheeks/Jawline - by consultation



Just to be aware:


*Certain medication can sensitise the skin or thin the skin such as warfarin and steroids. I will cover this at consultation but threading could be the preferred option.

*Vitamin A creams including retinol can cause skin to be very red and can result in the very top layer being removed with strip waxing. Vitamin A compacts the stratum corneum (the very top layer), waxing can therefore remove that top layer.

*Certain exfoliants namely lactic, glycolic and salicylic acid can result in reddening and partial skin removal if waxed. This is not the case with everyone and does depend on the integrity of your skin, I will ask you if you use any of these ingredients in your skin care regime but just to be aware!

*There is no medical reason why you cannot be waxed during pregnancy. However, due to hormonal changes it can be more painful than usual with increased erythema (reddening of the skin) and possibly a little swelling.