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There are numerous waxes available on the market for therapists to use. Having worked with many (some good and some not so good!) I am pleased to offer Perron Rigot as my preferred choice in hot waxing. Perron Rigot is a French brand of exceptional quality renowned for its comfort and efficiency.

I use both warm/creme wax (with cotton strips) as well as hot wax depending upon the type of hair to be removed. For the face I use a roller system with warm wax, the fine roller allows precise application of the wax making it perfect for eyebrows and the upper lip. I can however use hot wax for the brows if you prefer.

Waxing during Pregnancy

There is no medical reason why you cannot be waxed during pregnancy. However, due to hormonal changes it can be more painful than usual with increased erythema (reddening of the skin) and possibly swelling. Regarding bikini waxing, if you are in your final four weeks please do let me know when you book. This is with regards to midwifery guidelines.

Advanced/Intimate Bikini Waxing
Ladies, I have offered intimate waxing for over ten years and at present have many clients for this particular service. I am finding the demand for intimate waxing to be so high that I'm spending a significant amount of the day just waxing! Over recent years this has taken its toll on my back and I have made the decision, on return to work after lockdown, to not take any new clients for intimate waxing. My apologies, however there are now many salons who offer this service in Truro.

For more than one area of waxing (excluding eyebrows) I charge by time taken rather than adding the individual areas.

  • Standard Bikini - £13.00 (the traditional bikini line - top, sides and under to the knicker line)
  • High Bikini - £18.00 (as above but taking a little more - as if wearing a thong/g-string bikini)
  • Full leg - £28.00
  • 3/4 leg - £25.00
  • Half leg - £17.00
  • Abdomen from £10.00 (ladies)
  • Underarm - £10.00
  • Forearms - £15.00/full arms -£23.00
  • Eyebrows - £10.00
  • Lip - £8.00
  • Chin - £8.00
  • Lip and Chin - £14.00

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