Crystal Clear Lift and Tone

The Ultimate Non-Surgical Treatment for Ageing Skin.....

'This is a must have for every salon' - The Salon Magazine

Using low level electrical currents, Crystal Clears 'Lift and Tone' treatment gently tightens and tones the muscles of the face and neck, while smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Benefits are many and also include tighter, firmer, lifted skin, enhanced circulation and improved lymphatic drainage, with no downtime.

This particular treatment uses a microcurrent which mimics our body's own natural electrical activity. Often referred to as the 'non-surgical face lift' this facial has been increasingly popular with celebrities!

Some contra-indications apply which will be checked with you at your consultation.

Choose from the Treatments Below.......

Bright Eye Lift - £35 (45 mins)

A rejuvenating and brigthtening treat for the eyes. Starting with a full facial cleanse and exfoliation, then focusing the powerful lifting and toning action of microcurrent around the eye and brow area, followed with vacuum suction to aid lymphatic drainage and stimulate blood flow. Hydrating pads are then used to soothe and revitalise. Perfect before that night out - or the day after!

Facial Lift & Tone - £48 (60 mins)

Firstly skin is cleansed and gently exfoliated, then a full microcurrent treatment to the entire face and neck stimulates muscle contraction specifically to those muscle groups responsible for elevating and lifting. Once complete Crystal Clears Skin Repair Serum and Brightening Complex is applied along with a protective SPF 40.

Facial Lift & Tone with Moisture Lock - £55 (75 mins)

You then have the option to add the mini lift mask to the above - a wonderful blend of wheat proteins to revitalsie and lock in moisture. Choose from an optional relaxing head, hand or foot massage during your mask time.

Facial Lift, Tone and Glow - £60 (80 mins)

Once your facial muscles have had a workout (as above) phototherapy using clinically proven therapeutic light energy from Dermalux is then applied for 20 minutes to rejuvenate and brighten the skin. Dermalux instantly boosts the complexion to restore vitality and glow, so combining this with microcurrent gives the best of both worlds! Choose from an optional relaxing hand or foot massage during your Dermalux treatment.

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