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Please note .. a patch test is required 24 hours prior to treatment for all tinting including henna. This applies if you have never had a tint before or if you have had such a treatment but at another salon. A patch test is also required if your medical history has changed since your last tint.

Classic Eyebrow Shape - Using either wax or threading brow shaping includes a consultation and assessment of where your brow should start and finish with accentuation on the arch - £10.00

Brow and Forehead Lift and Tone - Using Crystal Clears microcurrent system the probes are applied to the brow and/or forehead area to give a lifted and more youthful look - £20.00 (brow and forehead) or £15.00 (brows only). Includes cleansing and a vitamin and peptide enriched booster cream to finish.

Eyebrow Tint - £9.00

Eyebrow Tint with Shape (wax or thread) - £18.00

Henna Colour - £22.00

Henna Colour with Shape (wax or thread) - £30.00

The use of Henna offers the perfect alternative to traditional tint, without the use of ammonia or hydrogen peroxide to develop the brow colour. The Browtastic Henna range offers 12 colours that give the brows an amazing powdered tattoo effect that can last up to six weeks on the hair and two weeks on the skin. This is largely dependent on skin type (typically lasting longer on dryer skins) and brow aftercare which, if followed will prolong the life of the Henna.

Henna allows us to shape and build the brow, camoflauge gaps in over tweezed or sparse brows and can give a well balanced, radiant look to your face. The base shades are mixed with different tones to create the right colour for you - a bit like hairdressing! If you are considering microblading or semi-permanent make-up to the brow but are a little unsure then Henna Brows is an excellent treatment to try first to see if a more defined and long lasting brow is for you!

Henna is made from the shrub 'Lawsinia Inermis' which grows in hot dry climates. The leaves of the shrub are dried and ground into powder, forming Henna. The main advantage in using Henna over tint is that there is no chemical change to the hair and it lasts so much longer! This is the perfect treatment if you have an allergy to traditional tinting. Henna coats the hair giving it a beautiful shine.

Treatment includes cleansing of the brow area (scrub and shampoo - yes really! We have to ensure the hair and skin is squeaky clean), colour consultation, brow measuring and henna application, waxing or threading, trimming and tweezing. Browtastics 'wonder oil' is the final touch to lock in colour. A tiny bottle of wonder oil is included for you to use at home.

Treatment time is 30 (just henna) - 50 minutes (with shaping).

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